100 Days, Spring 2015

Kennard Elementary

    • The cafeteria opens at 7:20 am.
    • Jump Start begins each day in the cafeteria at 7:45 am. It is a positive way for your children to start the day.
    • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: When dropping off in the morning or picking up students in the afternoon please go through the car line. It is the fastest and safest way for the students. Do not park in the parking lot behind parked cars. On several occasions cars have been blocked in parking spaces while parents are walking up to get students. If you want to park and walk up, park in a parking space or on the side of the cafeteria. Elementary students should not be dropped off in front parking lot because it is unsafe for them to cross in front of cars. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.




            Dismissal: Students being pick up in front of the cafeteria will be loaded in two cars at a time. To speed up this process please pull forward to the staff members who are there to assist students. Students will not be walked to cars that are in line. This procedure is in place to ensure the safety of all students.